Smart Giving

The Challenge


There are over 45,000 registered nonprofits in Pakistan, but donors only trust a few.

Pakistan has thousands of promising non-profits working diligently to address the most pressing needs of deserving communities. Small non-profits often make the most meaningful impact in the communities they work in, but it is a challenge for them to scale due to lack of finances and inadequate resources.

Pakistan is a relatively philanthropic nation, ranking 40 on the World Giving Index for 2013. However, much of this philanthropy is directed towards a handful of organizations. But for development to flourish at a systemic level we need to work towards building an ecosystem of high performing nonprofits to address the surmounting development challenges facing Pakistan.

Sustainable development comes from an engaged society supporting hundreds of promising local actorsTarim Wasim

We’ve found that due to a lack of transparency and mistrust, donors either lack awareness of the efforts of these nonprofits or the mechanisms to determine their trustworthiness. ADP bridges this gap between donors and deserving non-profits, providing a unique platform for supporting their work through the hard work of our many volunteers.


Theory of Change



ADP seeks to expand the impact of philanthropic giving in Pakistan by engaging generous Pakistanis, promising nonprofits and an exceptional pool of talented individuals who are eager to give back.

In the short-run, by recruiting highly motivated and talented volunteers to evaluate development projects and grapple with development issues in order to identify the most scalable and high impact interventions.

In the long-run by channeling its limited resources and supporting a growing ecosystem of promising nonprofits in order to catalyze broad-based community activism and empowerment.

ADP’s smart giving approach will provide you the opportunity of analyzing real-world development challenges and provide you the insight necessary to make informed decisions about your philanthropic giving. We believe this approach catalyzes change at the individual, societal and community levels ultimately addressing critical needs, solving real-world problems and enabling a better life for thousands of marginalized people in Pakistan.


What sets us apart?




Define the most critical needs in the space. What are the most leveraged interventions? Where can ADP make the biggest impact with our model/scale? Who are the best players and resources for each segment of need?



Source, evaluate and fund high impact development projects. Add value beyond funding based on our sector expertise, accumulated best practices and network. Measure results and capture lessons



Form multi-year partnerships to help scale the best non-profits. Raise awareness of their efforts with donor community. Help establish value-added partnerships among different actors



Share our lessons with our stakeholders (volunteers, donors, non-profits) and the broader public. Promote models and organizations that are likely to make the biggest impact.