Construction of A Secondary School in Natt Kalan


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ADP is funding the Bunyad Literacy Community Council (BLCC) to construct a girls’ secondary school in Natt Kalan in rural Punjab. Presently, the nearest girls’ secondary school in the area is 5-6 km away. Most girls in the village cannot continue on with secondary education due to the distance. Bunyad plans to expand the existing primary school which is already serving nearly 60 girls and 25 boys. In the meantime, a make shift middle school classroom has been set up, with a current enrollment of 21 students and admission requests from an additional 35 students. The funds provided by ADP will add benefits in many areas. Bunyad will build upon the existing infrastructure by adding 3 new classrooms equipped with electricity and furniture to alleviate crowded classrooms, create a more conducive learning environment and enable learning at the secondary level. It will install a hand pump along with a motor pump to ensure access to purified drinking water. Finally it will construct latrines and a boundary wall to facilitate the retention of girls studying at the secondary level.

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Bunyad Literacy Community Council (BLCC) is a non-political NPO/NGO established in 1992 in order to make a difference in the lives of rural communities, by alleviating poverty and empowering disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through literacy, as the first step to development. Bunyad believes in empowering under-privileged, marginalized groups particularly rural women and children with literacy, education, gender justice, employability and economics to improve their standard of life and enhancing their capacity to be self-dependent. Central to its mission is involving the community in the local development process, via multi-sector programs, and encouraging marginalized communities to join the mainstream of development. Bunyad has published more than 252 books related to literacy, education, health, law to name a few, and a fortnightly newsletter is being published on a regular basis and disseminated among the rural communities of Punjab. Bunyad has touched many lives since its founding, serving over 2.6 million benefactors in its efforts to date.

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