Funding ER & Day Care Equipment at the Children’s Cancer Hospital


About this project

The Association for the Development of Pakistan is funding new ER and Daycare equipment at the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Karachi operated by the Children’s Cancer Foundation in collaboration with the Rehma Fund. At a total cost of $20,000, the new equipment will help meet rising patient demand, and improve the quality of medical care provided at the ER and the Daycare. ADP will provide funding for six infusion pumps, two cardiac monitors, two Dynamap’s, a Digital weighing machine and two height meters. By increasing the foundation’s capacity to handle patients in-house, ADP aims to improve the foundation’s effectiveness at providing low-cost and quality treatment to the deprived. We expect the equipment investment to improve the quality of care and overall effectiveness at providing low-cost quality treatment to the disadvantaged. The upgrades to the equipment will allow current workload to reduce and allow the hospital to provide conclusive care to the 25-30 patients who visit the Emergency Room daily, 80-90 in out-patient and 50-60 children who come to the Daycare for Chemotherapy and other procedures. While the social impact, in terms of improved quality of patient care, is not easily quantifiable, ADP’s research shows that the equipment being funding allows the hospital to ensure patients are medicated accurately and vital patient metrics are monitored. This is the core foundation for quality healthcare. ADP has previously funded ICU equipment at the Children’s Cancer Hospital. For this project, ADP is collaborating with the Rehma Fund which will be providing the funds for this project while ADP conducts the due diligence. The Rehma Fund was set up to help children suffering from serious illnesses get access to compassionate and high quality healthcare.

NGO Profile

Children Cancer Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organization geared towards providing low-cost and free treatment for children with cancer. A group of dedicated doctors, philanthropists, parents of affected children and social workers who saw the ever-rising need of low cost treatment options for pediatric cancer in Karachi formed the foundation in December 1999. Today, CCF plays a vital role by providing a venue of hope to hundreds of families of pediatric cancer victims, from within Karachi, rural Baluchistan and Sind. Children Cancer Foundation has also initiated a training program for rural medical professionals in early diagnoses, which has the potential of saving innumerable lives in the rural areas. Since its inception, CCF has provided free medical treatment to more than 1500 children from economically deprived families, completely free of cost through the support of a highly dedicated team and well-wishers from all walks of life.

Key Metrics

Critical need:CCH will be providing weekly and monthly reports on utilization of the Day Care and ER equipment. The success of this project will be assessed in terms of the following metrics: 1) Number of patients receiving care using IV pumps (target of 6,000 patients per annum); 2) Number of patient-hours for which the equipment is utilized; 3) Any improvement in patient recovery rates from the Daycare facility over the medium-to-long term.



Investment Rationale

In light of the success with the previous CCF project, ADP was excited to extend its co-operation further and assist in ensuring quality healthcare is provided to the hundreds of children CCF serves. Although CCF’s operating expenses are mostly funded by Zakat Donations. Due to limitations in potential usage of Zakat, the fund cannot be used for capital expenditure purposes. Thus the expense needed for the Day care and ER equipment upgrades need to be raised from private sources. The growing awareness of CCH’s great work is corresponding to an influx of new patients, a 9% increase from 2011 to 2012. Our due diligence has shown that the increase in CCF’s patient volume is largely comprised of patients who cannot afford care. By improving the foundation’s infrastructure, the equipment will service around 24,000 patients in Day Care and 300-350 in ER. The Day Care facility currently holds 14 beds, the inpatient care 28 beds and the ER 2 beds. The equipment ensures timely drug infusion and accurate monitoring of key health metrics thus improving the patient’s recovery chances. Alongside this the hospital has the funds to maintain ad utilize the equipment throughout its life cycle. All in all, ADP aims to improve the efficiency of these two facilities and effectiveness at providing low-cost and quality treatment to children.

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