From Darkness into Light – Electrifying a Village


About this project

ADP is funding a rural electrification project (solar home systems) for a village in the Attock District. The village is not connected to the National Electric Grid and therefore, has no access to electricity. Currently, the villagers use kerosene lamps which are hazardous to long-term health. It is also costly (Rs. 200 per liter of kerosene) and has to be obtained from markets 23 km away. With the solar home systems, we expect increased productivity, better quality of life and access to more technologies (such as mobile phones and computers) for the households. Students will be able to study for longer and household chores and other tasks will not be interrupted due to lack of power. The households will receive assistance from PRES in using the technology and will collectively pay for maintenance of systems. The expected beneficiaries are 250 individuals (44 households) as well as a school and mosque in the village. Agriculture is the main source of income with a few individuals working at nearby towns and cities to support their families.

NGO Profile

Pakistan Renewable Energy Society (PRES) is a non-profit, non-governmental and a non-political society established in October 2011 with a purpose of executing Renewable/Alternative Energy projects for the under-privileged communities of rural areas of Pakistan. PRES also seeks to create awareness about Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies by providing technical trainings, organizing seminars and workshops. PRES sponsors have strong technical knowledge and background of Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies and have more than 5 years of experience in the field of Renewable Energy Technologies. They have also worked / are working for different Renewable Energy Firms in Pakistan.

Key Metrics

Critical need:ADP and PRES expect the project to lead to significant tangible improvements for Village Dhoke Atta Wali: Access to electricity for 44 households and one school (250 total beneficiaries) Total savings for the village of Rs. 432,000/year due to reduction in kerosene oil expense Increase in working hours and subsequently productivity of the villagers. Lower dependence on fuels like kerosene oil and wood; reduction in deforestation. Development of a self-sustaining model that could sustain itself beyond a one-time effort. Training and capacity building of the villagers (PRES will train the villagers on how to use the systems). One villager will be trained by PRES to be a technician and earn monthly salary of Rs. 2,250. Total expected life of the project = 25+ years, Payback period= about 4 years. Potential to scale up the solar home system to support use of water pumps for access to clean drinking water.



Investment Rationale

This project meets all the criteria outlined by ADP including critical need, social return, measurability, sustainability and scalability. The village is located in a remote area with no electricity grid. The living standards of the people are poor and there is no concrete road leading to the area. Due to its unique location, the government is also not inclined to try and provide electricity the village. With 44 houses and 1 school in the area, the project will directly impact many people, with labor working longer hours (beyond sunset) and increasing productivity while students will be able to study better. The project will have a positive impact on the environment by introducing renewable energy sources and help provide clean drinking water. The project also aims to train local people to ensure the long-term benefits and impact of the project. PRES has previously implemented a number of similar projects and come highly recommended for their ability to provide a sustainable solution for electricity that is easy to maintain after implementation. PRES is looking to use this project as a replicable model, to foster the development and ownership structure for community solar, which can sustain itself beyond this one village.

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