Charitable giving is powerful agent for change and a terrible thing to waste. A community focused on doing good can create lasting change. ADP is proud to boast a network of We are able to transform the lives of marginalized people across Pakistan with the help of our community of development partners and highly talented volunteers. Together, we are here to help you invest in a better Pakistan. Volunteering with ADP ADP is a growing network of talented professionals and students coming together from all over the world, changing the face of philanthropy in Pakistan. Our functionality comes entirely from the motivation, excitement, and desire to contribute from our volunteers. We have had the most inspiring response from people looking for a chance to attribute their skills to better and selective charity in Pakistan. We are not just any aid organization, but a new approach to development. Through thoughtful philanthropy and careful selection of each initiative we give you the chance to truly understand the underprivileged communities in Pakistan and know where their real needs lie. At the same time, you get to unite with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and work together towards a common goal. ADP does not just need charity, but the skills and compassion of those looking to make a real difference. It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re based, or how busy your work schedule is, we still give you the opportunity to give back to Pakistan!
ADP is one of the few organizations where you have the ability as a volunteer to see how projects are chosen and that decisions are backed by observable metrics. Very few other organizations give that level of detail and reasoning for why they chose a cause or a particular NGO to donate to. Further, by giving out small funding to many deserving NGOs, ADP is able to create a wider and deeper impact to a greater amount of people than if your money was given to one NGO doing just a little bit of change in a particular sector.ADP volunteers
Why Volunteer with ADP?
  • Use your skill set to benefit others.
  • Get to know the under privileged communities across Pakistan.
  • Gain leadership skills.
  • Unite with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and work together towards a common goal.
  • See the difference you’ve made.
We’re certain there’s a project or opportunity that will suit your interests. Sign up with us today and join the ADP Movement with hundreds of others across the globe.

Meet the Volunteers!!

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Being a Project Evaluator
Volunteers are selected for project evaluation on a highly selective case-by-case basis. Our evaluators are mostly young professionals of high caliber with a serious dedication to development in Pakistan. You will be placed on an evaluation team depending on your aptitude, experience, and commitment.

Evaluation teams are the backbone of our exceptional working model, that permits you to be a part of our process from anywhere in the world. The crux of our evaluation process rests upon team effort, coordination and commitment.

The Evaluation Process
ADP is constantly receiving project proposals from NGOs as an application for funding. A team of five evaluators is staffed on each project to carry out due diligence so that a detailed analysis is mutually concluded. Teams make an assessment of whether the proposal meets ADP’s criteria for feasibility, sustainability and gross output. Projects are approved or rejected for funding based on your team’s collective assessment.

Level of Commitment

Location: Flexible

Duration: 8-12 weeks

Load: 3-4 hours/week

The Project Evaluation Journey
Being selected for project evaluation at ADP means being a part of the project team hierarchy, where you can eventually move up in with the right level of interest and devotion. The three main roles are:

Project Team Member (PTM)
The first time you sign up and are selected, you will be staffed on a project as a PTM. Your level of contribution, responsiveness and cooperation with team members will be reviewed as an assessment for future staffing. Each team has at least three PTMs.

Project Team Leader (PTL)
Highly recommended PTMs, who have been on a number of projects, and fully understand ADPs criteria, are eventually promoted to the status of a PTL. There is only one PTL per project, whose duties entail leading the evaluation by delegating tasks to other team members and ensuring the team is progressing in the right direction.

Permanent Evaluation Committee (PEC)
After gaining enough experience in ADPs policies and how projects are evaluated, PTLs are staffed on projects specific to one sector. With guidance from our leadership team, eventually these leaders are made members of our Evaluation Committee. With the right amount of knowledge specific to their designated sector, the duty of a PEC is to oversee and guide project teams throughout the diligence process.

Become our eyes and ears on the ground!

If you are based in Pakistan and are interested in fieldwork, then this role is perfect for you. ADP Project Monitors travel to project sites on our behalf for collecting specific information required by evaluation teams. Site visit volunteers act as our eyes and ears, and bring back for us crucial data related to that project.

A site visit can be a day trip or sometimes may require an overnight stay or two, depending entirely on your location in Pakistan. These visits are an exciting way for our volunteers to experience first hand the impact of ADPs projects and learn more of the mechanics of development work.

We’d love to hear more from you. The process is simple, just register on our volunteer sign up page, select the Project Monitoring box, and we’ll get back to you!

For more information and materials on Project Monitoring, please refer to the Resources section

Be a part of the Fund Raising Initiative!
ADP is a donor driven organization, constantly finding innovative ways to raise funds with the help of our energetic volunteers. Fundraising events can take place in both Pakistan and abroad. So you can have the opportunity to represent ADP, no matter where you’re based.

As a fundraising volunteer, you can either reach out to corporate donors/foundations and high net worth individuals, or help host a fundraiser of your choice. We encourage our outreach to come up with creative ideas for fundraising events that will also raise the ADP voice. So be the one to create more buzz around ADP through live events, social mixtures, galas, exhibitions, and more.

We’d love to hear more from you. The process is simple, just register on our volunteer sign up page, select the fundraising box, and we’ll get back to you!

For more information and materials on Fundraising, please refer to the Resources section.

Join our Marketing Team!
We ensure the quality of our work is marketed transparently and regularly amongst our existing network, while simultaneously trying to expand our outreach. As a marketing volunteer, you can help endorse the work that we do so that ADP becomes everyone’s charity of choice.

So help us spread the ADP tag of ‘smart giving’. You can promote the quality and process of ADP’s unique working model through different ways. Attribute your tech savvy skills by designing promotional material such as brochures, documentaries, and short films, on our projects. Or if you’d rather utilize your journalistic skills, let us know what you can do for us in print, television or even radio. You can even choose to be a part of our social media campaign by keeping ADP alive through facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, and any other medium you deem fit.

For more information and materials on Marketing, please refer to the Resources section

What we give back to you By being a part of ADPs prestigious teams, you are given the unique opportunity to learn more about Pakistan, sitting anywhere in the world. You will take back with you an in depth understanding of key development issues and underlying problems our country is faced with. It is an exceptional learning process for anyone interested in development work.

We’d love to hear more from you. The process is simple, just register on our volunteer sign up page for the roles that interest you and we’ll get back to you!