About Us

The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is a volunteer-driven, engaged philanthropy organization that funds carefully selected development projects run by local NGOs in Pakistan. We support projects in a range of high-need areas such as education, water, health and energy. We are registered in Pakistan under the Welfare Societies Act of 1860 and operate under the aegis of Development in Action.

Founded in 2003 by a group of students and young professionals in Boston who were looking to play an active role in developing Pakistan, ADP started out by supporting small scale initiatives in the health and education sectors. However it was in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake that ADP discovered its true potential. Within months, ADP raised and disbursed more than three hundred and seventy thousand dollars as part of disaster relief efforts. In addition to channelizing funds, ADP also oversaw the reconstruction of a hospital, homes and a school as part of its earthquake rehabilitation program. Once the relief efforts subsided, ADP decided to shift its focus back towards sustainable development at the grassroots level- only this time with a stronger belief in its ability to do so.

Along the way, our volunteers have helped build schools educating over 5,000 students every year, brought clean water to over 35,000 people and access to natural gas, electricity, sanitation and health services for tens of thousands of the underprivileged. We are excited about the future potential of this platform. A myriad of talented professionals have had the privilege of evaluating hundreds of NGOs and learning from dozens of development models across education, water, health and energy. And each project has helped us fine-tune our approach and channel donations into the highest impact areas. In 2014, we coined the term Smart Giving to capture the essence of this approach that drives all our work. Smart giving is a process of constantly exploring, measuring and learning about what works in development. It is has the power to unlock the true potential of philanthropy to create large scale impact.

Our Mission Our mission has three main levers: High Impact Giving •Identify the most promising interventions •Measure and reward results Building Lasting Institutions •Help develop a thriving ecosystem of promising non-profits in Pakistan Engaging Smart People in Development •Bridge the current human capital deficit in the non-profit sector •Cultivate socially invested and aware leaders What Makes ADP Different We are a learning organization, focused on understanding the most critical needs of society and identifying organizations and interventions that deliver the highest impact for donors. Our objective, metrics-driven approach executed through a global team of volunteers is what distinguishes ADP from other organizations. Each and every proposal and partner organization is meticulously evaluated and the impact of every project is monitored through its lifecycle.

We believe this approach catalyzes change at the individual, societal and community levels ultimately addressing critical needs, solving real-world problems and enabling a better life for thousands of marginalized people in Pakistan.