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Without your help, we cannot achieve our goals. Please help us in our causes and donate generously. Every penny counts and goes a long way in changing someones life.


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I joined ADP because I was looking for a way to leverage my education and experience - and not just donate money to charity


I joined ADP because I wanted to make a sustainable impact


My experiences as a volunteer with ADP have been very rewarding. I am particularly pleased with being able to apply my skill set in a relevant role as a volunteer. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working alongside some very capable and inspiring team members from whom I have learnt a lot over the years. Lastly, I am also very impressed at ADP's strategic and detail oriented approach when looking at the socio-economic landscape of Pakistan and feel that my contributions will help others to make a realizable and immediate impact.


By continuing to track the appropriate metrics with MH Sufi, we were able to rationalize the construction of the second project, which was larger in scale and has the potential to benefit 15 surrounding villages.


Donors can be sure that their money will fund only the most critical and highest impact projects in Pakistan


I first became involved with ADP because its mission is to strategically give to smaller, yet hugely critical projects. I continue to be involved with ADP because of the organization’s innovative model of evaluating and giving. By utilizing volunteers in a smart and effective way ADP has created ownership amongst a broad network of supporters.


I got to witness first-hand the impact of ADP’s work at the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Karachi. Speaking to the parents’ of an underprivileged cancer patient talk about the quality of treatment, care and respect they were given free of cost made me really proud to be involved with ADP


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